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Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes(Real and active) 2020

INSTAGRAM is the most popular social media platform right now for Instagrammers,influencers and businesses such as eCommerce, Product Reviews and other niche. It has deep impact on our daily lives as on an average users spend more than 2 hours to surf on what’s new going on.This makes Instagram a very productive platform to get more users in to your products and services.

The Instagram platform is widely popular among all kind of artists, mimicry artists who can show their stories at INSTAGRAM. When your posts have a larger amount of likes, users who browse your page will be much more influenced and you will have better chances of converting them to your potential customers. Also, having more likes on your Instagram account will get more authority in the users eyes.


Getting INSTAGRAM likes now is the most hardest things to do. Right now there are a lot of sites on the Internet which claims to offer genuine likes but there are also a bunch of websites which are a scam and you should know what you are dealing with. But luckily, We are here to show you the right company you should go for.
Read the list of the Best websites to buy Instagram Likes in 2020 below:


1. AlwaysViral

RATING: 5 /5


AlwaysViral is the most popular site for buying Instagram Likes.This company is based in San Francisco,CA and has been providing Social Media Services Since 2014. We have used their Likes services and came to this conclusion that this is the best one to go for. The likes came very quickly(in about an hour) and the customer support is really helpful for any queries. Since this Company is based in the USA,I was more comfortable in dealing with them for the Transparency. With money back guarantee, quick delivery, amazing customer service and secure payment options such as PayPal/Credit Cards/Bank Transfers is the best site to go for.

2. SMMSumo

RATING: 4.6/5


SMMSumo is also a good service provider in respect of Instagram Likes. Their service is also very fast in terms of generating likes but you may see delays in delivery. Also, their customers review is decent. You can consider this site also a good contender when purchasing Instagram likes

3. FollowerZeal

RATING: 4.5/5


FollowersZeal is also a reputed company for purchasing INSTAGRAM likes.Their customer service is quite satisfactory and the quality of the likes are also good. Overall,We recommend this site to buy likes for Instagram.

4. QQSumo

RATING: 4.2/5


QQSumo has also been in the industry for a while and has been provide high quality service along with a variety of social media marketing services from Instagram Likes to Instagram followers. Their delivery is very quick and they provide good customer service for 24*7.Results are satisfactory and would definitely recommend them.

5. BlastUp

RATING: 3.9/5


BlastUp is founded in 2010 and they gave a great service record from the beginning but from the past two years , customers seems to have some problems regarding their orders not getting fulfilled. on time.One Important point to mention is their customer service sucks!

RATING: 3.8/5


Plusmein is also an Instagram Likes provider but their reputation is not up to the mark in this business.A Lot of customers have complained regarding the fake likes which disappears from their profile within a few days.Hmm..I would not buy from them again.

RATING: 1.5/5


Skweezer is claims to be a good service provider but with bad reviews online and low quality likes,i would not recommend them but the choice is yours.

8. Coincrack

RATING: 1.5/5


The worst company i have encountered with.NO Customer support,No Delivery.Nothing!I contacted them about my order but nothing has been received from their end.I had to visit my bank to get my money back. ONE WORD: STAY AWAY!

9. BuyInstagramLikes

RATING: 1.0/5


BuyInstagramLikes is the worst company just as the CoinCrack.Did not get my likes and nothing works on this website.Also, Mcafee declared this website as spam when i tried to visit this website.DO NOT MAKE ANY ORDERS FROM THEM!!

10. Poprey

RATING: 0.5/5


Poprey is possibly the worst company which is still in business by asking for posts and them somehow gaining access to my Instagram accounts which they use it to automate comments on other’s posts without my contest.This website should not exist.

So, please make sure that you read our full list of Best Place To Buy Instagram Likes in 2020 before you purchase any Instagram likes services!

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