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Best Sites To Buy Facebook Post Likes (Review & Guide)

In this present situation, Social media has been able to reach the lives of most of the people around the world and also created a huge impact into their lives as people are spending more than 4 hours daily on these social media sites. Currently, Facebook is the most popular one in this social media arena with gaining over 2.37 Billion active users monthly. In 2019, Facebook had almost 2.27 Billion active monthly users which was more than one-third of the World’s Population, which was quite a remarkable feat. Obviously, this platform is helping lots of aspiring companies to attract an enormous consumer base for the sake of growth of their products or services.

Benefits of Facebook for a Business:

Get leads for your business –
Facebook is an outstanding medium for customer’s growth, engagement and marketing. Most businesses has targeted this site to obtain email-Ids and other contact information from individuals interest based in their products or services. It also helps in accumulating sales leads.

Increase the awareness of your brand –
Now each successful and famous brands has their own Facebook page through which existing and future consumers are interacting & engaging with their products. Many online shops have arisen, and they have chosen Facebook for operating well through this platform.

Direct traffic to website –
Links which heads to your websites will increase the visits to your site online.

Targeted advertisements and sponsored articles –
While creating a Facebook ID, a person have to submit some personal information about himself on the profile. You have to submit your age, gender, interests, education, your work etc. Therefore, Facebook is able to provide targeted advertising that allows business to target individuals those who have interests on the particular products, from a certain geographical location based on certain demo graphical details on age, gender, interests and so on.

Where to Find Genuine Facebook Post Likes?

Getting genuine and real Facebook post likes on your business page is one of the hardest things to do. Luckily, there are plenty of companies in this sector that can do your job very easily. Nevertheless, there are also several suppliers who can sell you their “Best Deals”

Indeed, it would be pretty much skeptical for you if you really don’t know what are you doing and who you’re purchasing from. At TecNoDrop, we are here to guide you to check some top of the line online Facebook marketing services. We took the enough time to carefully evaluate each service provider and determine that each company provide quality content and also maintain their consistency to ensure you make the most of the profit from this social media platform. Our below mentioned links include only the best websites to buy Facebook post likes for your profile.

You really need to have a huge number of post likes to gain reputation and popularity in this arena. And, the websites listed below can easily get your job done. Even we scored them for you!

Recommended Sites
Our Rating(Out of 10 Stars)
#1 10 Stars
#2 SMMSUMO.COM 9.9/5
#3 9.8/5
#4 QQSumo.Com 9.6/5

Below we listed the Best Sites to Buy Facebook Post Likes:


TecnoDrop Score on ALWAYSVIRAL:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
10 / 10 10 / 10 10 / 10 100%
Visit Alwaysviral.Com

ALWAYSVIRAL is the best sites available on the market for Facebook Post Likes. As the name implies, they are specialized in the quality of their services. With its knowledge, structure and excellent services this company has become one of the leading industry leaders since 2013.

We purchased 500 Facebook Post Likes from ALWAYSVIRAL to test the quality of their services and in result, we were amazed at the post likes came very fast and the quality was the best. They also have a high-end quality support team who were very much responsive to our concerns and also have an outstanding protections facilities in case you face an issue with your order and ready to serve you for 24/7. They also accept all kinds of credit / debit cards along with PayPal and Bank Transfers. You can make the purchase by any of the options in which you are comfortable. We will definitely recommend you to go for the services of ALWAYSVIRAL if you really want to boost up your social media proof based on Facebook post likes.


TecnoDrop Score on SMMSUMO:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
10 / 10 9.7 / 10 9.9 / 10 100%

SMMSUMO is one of the credible sites that enhances social media platform in various aspects. They also provide the best quality of services available on today’s market. By using their top-notch Facebook Post Likes service which is delivered using secure and organic techniques, will not only increase your likes but will also improve your business page engagements to bring more clients. In general, SMMSUMO will help you to improve your popularity at a reasonable price point on Facebook along with others social media platforms.

The post likes will be of the highest quality and would come from real and genuine users which not only help your Facebook search but also give you the edge for additional engagements. All transactions are conducted through a highly secured payment processing network which includes SSL encryption to ensure that none of your card data is affected. We surely recommend SMMSUMO as one of the best sites to buy Facebook Post Likes in 2020! Due to its excellent quality, 24*7 live customer support system, organic delivery at a reasonable price point and 2 years of refilling guarantee for every package.


TecnoDrop Score on FOLLOWERSZEAL:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
10 / 10 9.7 / 10 9.8 / 10 100%

If you post anything on your Facebook account and don’t get the amount of exposure and attention you expect but at the same time everyone else is getting massive amount of likes, followers and comments on Facebook. So, this is your chance to shine in this field by using maximum of the resources available in this market. For this reason we would advise you to choose Followerszeal. If you really want to uprise your profile page and need a quick-track to stardom then we would like to suggest you to purchase Facebook Post Likes and Followers From FollowersZeal. Not only they are just doing well in this competitive market with a good reputation for more than 7 years, but also the service they are providing are from real, genuine and active profile which will remain forever in the same way. With an additional 2 years of free refill protection, good retention policies and money-back guarantee, you can have assurance that your deal is going to be genuine.


TecnoDrop Score on FOLLOWERSZEAL:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
10 / 10 9.7 / 10 9.7 / 10 100%
Visit QQSUMO.Com

QQSUMO offers various range of services including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, LinkedIn also and other social media services. They are based in UK and have been providing social media services since 2013. They allow their users to customize their orders through their portals. The company specialized in a lot more areas other than just Facebook Post Likes. They are filled with exclusive interesting packages bundled with 2 years of refilling that offers a secure and reasonable price for a number of Likes, Followers and Views. If you really want to get benefits through the likes of your posts then QQSUMO is the company you need to take into consideration.

We ordered 1000 Facebook Post Likes for our fb post, and we were pleased with the speed of delivery, QQSUMO took. Our orders were processed within 3 hours after placing the order in the given time organically. The likes were of good quality, not from fake accounts. Even the excess 50 likes we got from them, were from genuine and real accounts. We consider 1000 likes for $3 which are quite low-priced compared to other existing suppliers in the market. QQSUMO’s 2 years of refilling protection and an attractive price range make it a highly recommended website to go for.


TecnoDrop Score on GETAFOLLOWER:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
5 / 10 5 / 10 5 / 10 50%

GETAFOLLOWER claims that the followers they provide for their consumers, are only from real and genuine users. They ‘ve only one package available in their bag for Facebook Post Likes which is 100 post likes for $3. So, we decided to test them by placing an order of 100 post likes without any option left. We found their rates were at littler higher side, making the money less valuable than other competitors. They do not provide users detailed information about who follows your page which is raising questions about the overall performance of their service. They offer a money-back guarantee for pending orders but do not provide any additional detailed information on how it works which was quite suspicious. Also, there is no guarantee if they will refill incase any of the likes drop. To make this matter more worsen, their department of technical assistance team did not respond to our questions on this issue. So because of that, we highly advise you to find better services and rates by browsing through our top of the list Facebook Post likes service providers.


TecnoDrop Score on INSTANTFAMOUS:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
5 / 10 5 / 10 5 / 10 50%

We were here trying to find out if INSTANT FAMOUS could fulfill their optimistic commitments and promises as highlighted on their website. After placing an order of 500 Facebook post likes, we were not at all happy with the services provided by them. We bought Facebook post likes from INSTANT FAMOUS to see if they could deliver as per their promise mentioned at their site. We were absolutely not happy with the result because the likes of our posts were decent and looked real at the beginning, but later we found out the maximum likes were from fake accounts without proper profile pictures in resulting we lost almost 300 post likes after the order had ended according to the given time period from their end.

INSTANT FAMOUS has no retention policies and support for its customers as their team has not been able to respond to our email questions. If something goes wrong with your order, they claim to have a good refund policy, but when we requested for that they immediately closed out the request which was a disappointed incident for us. Overall, INSTANT FAMOUS is not at all recommended for any kind of purchasing.


TecnoDrop Score on Socialbar:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
4 / 10 4 / 10 4 / 10 40%

We ordered 500 Facebook Post Likes from SOCIALBAR only to test their claim of providing high-quality Facebook likes. Our order was delivered within 10 days of period which is far too slow compared with other providers available on the internet. While checking our post for the number of likes we got, we found that SOCIALBAR delivered us 225 Facebook Likes with too low-quality which started decreasing on the very next day, where we lost almost 100 likes and again on the next day we lost almost 85 likes and after one week we received a warning notification regarding the termination of our Facebook page due to the fake traffic. It was very difficult to contact their customer services, even their live chat option doesn’t work at all. We even tried by dropping some email where we did not receive any reply back mail. So, the use of SOCIALBAR can not be advised at all for any kind of purchase.


TecnoDrop Score on Netsbar:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
4 / 10 4 / 10 4 / 10 40%

Netsbar has been operating in the Ukrine for nearly 7 years and is run by a team of online marketers (no verified data). They claim that they have good package system to choose for but thousands of customers from worldwide, gave them a clear feedback to improve and focus on their operation.Netsbar claims that it offers genuine and real social proof across all channels and guarantee the retention and satisfaction of each service. They claim to provide real likes with active users and provide the customers customizing choices, but we did not find the options to customize during our order processing. Here it is little costlier than the other suppliers when looking for their larger packages.

At the same time we were not happy with the speed of delivery from Netsbars as our likes were delivered after 10 days and later we found out more than 90% were from bot account in result we lose over 500 likes. The customer support team at their end is too lousy and sloppy. They answered our questions after 3-4 hours via live chat. Because of the poor performance we won’t recommend Netsbar overall.


TecnoDrop Score on Fast Face Likes:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
4 / 10 4 / 10 4 / 10 40%

FASTFACELIKES also offers the growth and engagement services of Facebook which contains likes, followers and views.they also provide some free likes to their new customers to lure them to stay but unfortunately, the likes were terribly bad and that too also from a low quality profiles which disappeared within one day. We bought 500 Facebook likes from FASTFACELIKES, and we have had to wait more than two days until we started to receive their service. The most disgusting part was, we started receiving the delivery after almost 50 hours, and we got only 110 likes out of 500. We looked at this company’s reputation with a suspicious look and found out that most of its customers were not satisfied with its delivery process as maximum of the order was not completed on the time. So, not recommend at all.


TecnoDrop Score on Fansinstant:

Quality Delivery Retention Safe
4 / 10 4 / 10 4 / 10 40%

FANSINSTANT is a Bangladesh based social media company. Their ordering process is simple. The only thing is required for them is your Facebook Post URL. We ordered them to test their service with 500 likes but in result we were not happy (likes were of too low quality). After a few days the likes began to fall and the initial count position came again! In fact, we got busted with warning notification from Facebook, and they terminated our account by deleting all the posts.FANSINSTANT is definitely the worst website which you should not use at all. So, We request you all to stay away from them.


How Does It Work?
They are enough fortunate without any giving up too much, to have created helpful contacts in the industry by allowing them to build a large and extensive network of Facebook developers and high traffic blogs. These marketing networks or channels allow them to give their customers globally high-quality Facebook posts likes providing you a very secure and efficient and hussle-free service.

The Likes You Are Getting Who Are They?
All the Facebook likes can be from the United States, The United Kingdom, Russia, Asia, Australia or a mix of them all based on your choice of targeted country. The US, English, Russian, Asian and Australian Facebook post likes are the biggest service provider on the Internet today due to their extensive network facilities. You just no need to worry about your Facebook users if they don’t like it or change their minds. No matter what they will be always there if you purchase the likes from a authoritative site.

Am I Breaking Any Rules?
The answer is completely No. You do not breach any Facebook Service Terms Law Or Regulations as a Facebook users. They strictly comply with these services terms- At no point will rules be broken in order to buy with tranquility.

Is it really possible to buy Facebook Likes?

Yes. IT IS. For your pages and posts, you can buy Facebook likes and other services such as followers and comments based on your needs. You can purchase hundreds or even a thousand or millions according to your needs.

When you buy Facebook likes, can others say you bought likes?

No, barely anyone can say that. Any likes you bought, it would be very difficult for others to find out. IF someone is keeping an eye on you all the time, they will find out many likes that come up instantly, but the simple solution is to buy likes that would come slowly.

Can you make money from buying Facebook likes?

Unfortunately, you can’t make money from buying Facebook Likes Directly. However, they can help you to bring popularity so you can generate more income in the long term.

What should it cost to buy Facebook likes?

It would depend on the standard of your likes. Generally speaking, you can get 100 likes for a price of about $5. When you find a company that provides extremely low-cost views then you might consider them a scammer. So, only buy likes from our top-rated websites to buy Facebook Post LIKES.

When you buy likes for your Facebook post will you get followers, dislikes or comments?

Typically, Not. ALL YOU WILL GET to buy a particular service all the time. You will buy these other social signals in particular if you want them. This is usually a good idea as it makes the service looks way more natural.

Will you gain followers, or will it generate sales when you buy Facebook likes?

This will depend mostly upon a solid marketing campaign who supports your interests. You are buying likes will attract more attention and will bring more fans and people will be sticking around if they find what they want to see. The rise in the rank you earn allows you to get more global exposure in a number of ways but at the same time you have to create good content that people might find interesting.

Why should I buy Facebook likes?

  1. There are several many benefits that Facebook likes to offer you. Purchasing high-quality Facebook likes can improve your social validation and help you to promote your posts or pages. There are many other reasons why purchasing Facebook likes is a major marketing investment:
    1. Gain a lot of likes at an affordable and reasonable price on Facebook
    2. Enhance your social credibility
    3. Boost your posts visibility
    4. Encourage others to engage with your posts organically
    5. Look more popular on Facebook
    6. Buying Facebook likes is a good way to encourage organic engagements.

Can you really buy Facebook likes?

You can, in fact. By following these simple steps, you can surely buy Facebook likes for sure.
1. find a reputable supplier
2. Pick one of it’s interesting package
3. place an order
4. Wait for delivery
5.start having Facebook likes at your profile
6. Enjoy your new likes OF Facebook.

So Easy right?! There is no confusion in case of buying any Facebook likes. All you need to do to make sure that you find a trustworthy Facebook provider who will not trick you or get you any kind of trouble.

Final Thoughts

So, YOU should first have to understand what the sellers have for you and how this will help you over the long term if you are thinking about buying likes for your Facebook post or page. This guide will help you start and choose the best sites to buy Facebook post likes as far as you supposed to begin your search for genuine and affordable service providers.

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