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10 Best Sites To Buy Real YouTube Views In 2020!

With YouTube having 2 Billion Monthly Users, Who spend 250 Million Hours Daily,it has now become the most popular site online after Google.When most of the users on YouTube is between the age of 18-49, it has become the poplar destination for Businesses and Artists to grab as many users as possible.

Who should Purchase YouTube views?
Businesses,Artists,Content Creators etc..
With such amount of potential in the YouTube Space, businesses and Artists can not only target their audience into purchase their products but also it is still the best platform for New Content Creators who want to showcase their talent & get famous in no time.
Why should you purchase?
With YouTube Growing day by day,it is getting extremely difficult for new Channels to get more subscribers and eventually get a million followers in no time. While it is time-consuming and on an average it usually takes about 1 year to actually start seeing any money from Youtube.So buying YouTube Views makes more sense as it not only cuts the chase of time but also makes your videos rank on the YouTube Search.I


  • Alwaysviral.Com
  • Smmsumo.Com
  • FollowersZeal.Com
  • QQSumo.Com
  • NemoViews.Com
  • MediMister.Com
  • AudienceGain.Com
  • SlickSocial.Com
  • CoinCrack.Com
  • TweetAngels.Com

  1. AlwaysViral

Rating: 5/5 Stars
We purchased: 5000 YouTube Views
Price: $32 (BEST)

Our Top Recommendation is Alwaysviral.Com for buying YouTube Views. They have a great customer service for 24×7 and their customer review online is also really positive.AlwaysViral views delivery is quick,real and is extremly helpful in getting your videos ranked organically. Most of the Popular YouTubers recommended this site as their service deliverability is of the highest quality.
They accept PayPal and credit cards/debit cards and bank transfers which are the best ways to make safe purchases online.


Rating: 4.8/5
We purchased: 3000 YouTube Views
Price: $19

This is the second most recommended site for buying YouTube views.They have a good track record in this business for 2 years. You can consider this site even regarding any purchase for social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. They use PayPal,credit cards/debit cards regarding any purchase from them.


FollowersZeal is also a good contender in this platform when it comes down to buying YouTube views. We ordered 2000 Views & received high -quality views along with additional likes which was also a freebie and one week after the order was completed,i did not see any drops.Our Orders were processed very quickly and have bunch of options for payments starting from debit cards/credit cards to all the way bank transfer.They are even offering 2 years of refill without any charges but we are not so sure about it since we have not gotten through that yet.Overall A Good Site to buy Youtube Views

Rating: 4.8/5
We purchased: 5000 YouTube Views
Price: $32

4) QQSumo

Rating: 4.7/5
We purchased: 3000 YouTube Views
Price: $19

QQSumo is in this business since 2013 and their company situated in London,UK.They also provide variety of services which includes Twitter,Facebook,Instagram and other social media marketing services.They promise to complete the orders within 3 days and we got it.Overall satisfactory service. We will recommend their service as we received value for money.


Rating: 3.5/5
We purchased: 1000 YouTube Views
Price: $8.49 (TOO EXPENSIVE!)

NemoView generally focuses on YouTube with different services offering variable pricing packages.They promise to deliver the products within a span of 5 days but Our experience is very bad. Only to test their service we ordered 1000 views.First of all, We didn’t receive the order on the promised time.It was actually delivered on the 7th day and also view drop started from the first day itself and their refund policy is pretty bad.We have read a few complains that customers had to wait for a month to get their refund.


Rating: 3/5
We purchased: 1000 YouTube Views

MediaMister is a Indian based company since 2012 and they were quite well known in this business. Their downfall started from 2015 as they were not able provide any service to their customers with a LOT OF NEGATIVES Online. That’s why it’s quiet embarrassing to suggest their name in this list along with other BIG NAMES.


Rating: 2.9/5
We purchased: 5000 YouTube Views
Price: $40 (OVER PRICEY)

AudienceGain is also a media service provider since 2015. We ordered 2000 views from them only to test but experience was horrible. It took 15 days to receive the order from them.SO IT WAS REALLY FRUSTRATING WORKING WITH THEM ANY MORE. Order at your own risk.


Rating: 2.5/5
We purchased: 10,000 YouTube Views
Price: $90

SlickSocials started their business since 2009.They claim to have clients from all over the world. But ordering any service to their site is really confusing and after placing the order we were really disappointed on getting the orders. We received the order after 21 days and their refund policy is also pretty bad. WE DON’T RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL .


Rating: 2.4/5
We purchased: 1000 YouTube Views
Price: $9 (Expensive)

CoinCrack was founded on 2013. It was the only one contender to others when it comes to accepting Bitcoins. But in present situation this company has very bad reputation regarding their delivering services.. We tested by placing a order of 1000 views which we didn’t receive and their customer service should not be mentioned as it is that much bad. So, you can choose this one at your own risk.NO GO FOR ME!


Rating: 2.0/5
We purchased: 15000 YouTube Views

Tweetangels is the worst one in compared to the others above mentioned ones. THEY HAVE A HUGE PRICING and moreover we didn’t receive our product at all even after one month. Basically they don’t have any customer care support and they have some fake numbers to contact them on their site. A COMPLETE “NO” FOR THEM.

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